Regulations and rates

Version: 01-01-2024

Camp de Limauges
Chemin de Bigaumont 4
1341 Céroux-Mousty
T: +32 470 79 46 93
Account number: NL61 RABO 0349 2336 83


  1. Introduction
  2. Data
  3. Rates
    3.1 Basic rate
    3.2 Charges
  4. Reservation
    4.1 Period
    4.2 Method
    4.3 Advance payment and payment
    4.4 Cancellation
  5. Internal regulations and agreements
    5.1 General
    5.2 Indoor appointments
    5.3 Outside appointments
    5.4 Cleaning during camp

1. Introduction

The BEZ has made the camp available for the gospel since 1938 and has therefore had a unique impact on the lives of many people. It has thus contributed to the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ in Belgium.
The goal of Camp Limauges is to be a place where God is central. All activities organized there must meet this requirement.

From January 1, 2020, the BEZ – VIANOVA has transferred the operation to the Betteld.
De Betteld is a Dutch organization that manages several Christian centers.

2. Camp Limauges details

Address: Chemin de Bigaumont 4
1341 Ceroux-Mousty
Belgium Phone:
+32 470 79 46 93

3. Rates

3.1 Basic rate

  • Minimum amount per weekend: € 1975,- without energy costs
  • Minimum amount per day: € 995,- without energy costs
  • One day rental is from 5:00 PM to 5:00 PM the next day.
  • € 13.50 per night for groups of up to 80 people
  • € 11.00 per night for groups of 80 people or more
  • €7.50 day guest.
    * A day guest is someone who is present between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Children under 2 years old do not pay.

3.2 Usage costs
Energy prices can be adjusted due to interim price increases.
Meter readings are recorded by the manager at the start and end of the camp

Electricity: p. kWh. €0.51
Gas: €1.65 per m3
Water: € 2.60 per m³
Fuel oil/fuel oil €1.50/l
Waste: €55.00 per container
Standard cleaning costs per stay € 35 0.00

Frying: guests must bring their own frying oil for use during their stay. Afterwards, you must remove the used oil or allow it to drain from the container and collect it in the containers provided. Finally, properly clean the fryer. The manager then ensures further disposal of the used oil.

Bedding: you must bring your own fitted sheet, sleeping bag and pillow and pillowcase.
Rent a duvet €2.00
Rent a pillow €0.50

4 Make a reservation

4.1 Period
During school holidays, children and youth groups have priority.
Reservations can be made for several years if necessary!

4.2 Application procedure
You can request a reservation option by email; When the period is available, the administration will send an application form that must be returned within 14 days.
You will then receive an invoice for the advance payment; This must be paid within 14 days, then the reservation is final.
This will be confirmed on the calendar.
Changes only in consultation with the administration.

4.3 Advance payment and invoice payment
The advance amount is €400 per reservation.
After the camp you will receive the final invoice, which must be paid within 2 weeks of receipt.

4.4 Cancellation
Any cancellation must be communicated to the manager in writing.

  • More than 6 months in advance: 50% refund of the advance
  • Less than 6 months in advance: no refund of the advance
  • Less than 2 months in advance: invoicing is equal to minimum amount for the reserved period

5 Internal regulations and agreements

5.1 General
Smoking, drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the camp grounds. Limited use of alcohol is only permitted, after consultation, outside children’s/youth camps.

No changes may be made to the camp without the permission of the manager.

Due to nuisance and respect for the neighbors, it should be quiet between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

  • The camp organization is responsible for:
  • Taking out the necessary insurance for any accidents or damage during the rented weekend.
  • A complete list of campers, which will be submitted to the manager at the beginning of the camp (by order of the fire brigade)
  • You will receive an evacuation plan on what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Checking the application of agreements and rules
  • Information to participants that they must bring their own bedding (fitted sheet, pillow, pillowcase and sleeping bag).

At the start of the camp, the manager checks the condition of the camp with the person in charge.
At the end of the camp, the manager and the person responsible will check the camp together and any damage will be noted.

  • The kitchen, cooling room and freezer are available, if possible, by appointment.
    Can be reserved 1 day in advance.
  • During the winter months, the heating can be turned on earlier by the manager upon request

5.2 Indoor appointments
1) Do not write or scratch on tables, doors, chairs, walls, etc
2) Use of adhesive tape: only slightly adhesive, no duct tape. (Purple roll, available at Action)
3) At the end of camp, anything stuck to walls, tiles or windows must be removed. Also the traces of tape.
4) Only write on whiteboards with the correct markers
5) No screws or nails in walls or woodwork
6) Waste: do not leave any rubbish behind. The less you dirty, the less you have to clean or pay for! Separate waste into the different containers: PMD, Paper/cardboard, Residual waste.
7) Pets are not allowed in the camp. In consultation with the manager, an exception can be made for people with disabilities.
8) For safety reasons, the fire doors should never be blocked
9) Emergency exits may not be used for activities and must always be kept clear.
10) Access to the roof is prohibited
11) Unloading material for a camp is done via the courtyard
12) Outdoor play equipment can be borrowed from the manager in consultation
13) At the end of the camp, people are asked to take any leftover food with them

The plumbing

  • Leave the toilet, sink and shower tidy

The halls

  • Chairs and tables are not intended to be stood on
  • Kitchen equipment, plates, glasses, bags and cutlery are only intended for meals.
  • For craft work, the tables should be protected with plastic.
  • Return borrowed material to the manager.


The rooms

  • Beds and cupboards may not be moved.
  • Sheet cover and pillowcase are required, in case it is forgotten, it is possible to rent one. Beds may not be used without the protective cover on the mattress.
  • In each hallway there is a cupboard with blankets, these are only for the beds. At the end of a camp, put it back neatly folded.
  • Mattresses may not be moved or left on the floor

5.3 Outside Appointments

  • Avoid littering out of respect for nature.
  • Planting: do not make cuts in trees, do not pick anything, do not cut/break branches
  • Swings, sandbox and ship are available for small children.
  • Ball games only on the sports fields, not in the courtyard or the halls
  • There is room for a campfire on the field; no fire may be made outside.
  • Parking only in the parking lot, not near the kitchen or in the courtyard. In consultation with the manager, other places can be designated if there is insufficient space.
  • In the event of damage to the building, grounds or materials, the costs will be charged to the responsible organizer

5.4 Cleaning during camp

During the camp, the user regularly cleans the camp if necessary.
Also pay attention to the grounds and garbage bins. Upon departure you must leave the camp clean and tidy. You must also empty all rubbish bins and deposit the bags in the relevant containers outside the kitchen. If cleaning is not done as agreed, €200 will be charged on top of the standard cleaning costs.