What there is to experience

Camps de Limauges lies, as the name indicates, near the Belgian village of Limauges. This is the French speaking part of Belgium. The camp is approximately 40 km away from the Belgian capital of Brussels. There is plenty to do in the area,  whether it’s enjoying the beautiful nature or visiting the dazzling cities. Here’s an overview of the most worthwhile outings in the area of Limauges.


Walibi is a large amusement park with exciting roller coasters and other awesome attractions.

Distance: 9,2 km from the camp (Route)

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Waterloo has a rich history such as the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the Prince of Orange. The battlefield is now a preserved area and can be experienced via museum, guided tours and memorial.

Distance: 15 km from the camp. (Route)

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Villers-la-Ville (oude abdij)

The abbey of Viller is a well preserved old ruin and visitor centre. It is an ideal activity for groups and schools, or just for a general visit. The abbey has a rich history which goes back to 1146.

Distance: 10 km from the camp. (Route)

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Europe. This exciting city has a lot to offer. One can visit the Atomium, a work of art built for the World Expo in 1958. One can climb the Atomium for a gorgeous view of the city of millions. Brussels is also a great city to stroll through, for shopping, drinking a Belgian beer and breathing in the culture.

Distance: 32 km from the camp. (Route)

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Namen is the capital city of Wallonia. It is a historical city with many characteristic buildings.

Distance: 39 km from the camp. (Route)

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Leuven is a real student city. The Catholic University Leuven is located there among other things. Leuven has various historical buildings and squares which make it a tasteful city. The city makes for an enjoyable visit, to view beautiful buildings, hit a terrace or do some great shopping.

Distance: 43 km from the camp. (Route)

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Dinant is a small city in the French speaking part of Belgium and lies at the river Maas. The quays are characterized by the colourful facades of the houses. A beautiful place to visit is the Citadel which can be reached by cable car or Belgium’s longest stairway. https://www.citadellededinant.be/

Distance: 69 km from the camp. (Route)

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