Camps de Limauges lies amongst the forests in the rolling landscape of Wallonia near, as the name reveals, the village of Limauges. Upon arrival one immediately enters the common room with a rich view of the grounds. The French doors lead directly to the terrace and into the forest. When continuing on inside you’ll find the Grande Salle, the largest hall in the complex. There are 3 more rooms, as well as a dishwashing area and kitchen for food preparation. More details can be found under accommodation on our floor plans.

The outside terrain is forested, includes a playground, and offers room for a terrace and an area for play and sports. There is plenty of parking space in front of the building. The kitchen is complete with a dishwashing area, deep fryer, pantry and expanded kitchen with plenty of workspace. The accommodation sleeps a maximum of 150 guests. The rooms are filled with a combination of bunkbeds and standard beds. For all details check the header accommodation. Click on the links for room layout and floor plans.