Betteld Limauges

Betteld Limauges is a group accommodation for camps, conferences, family weekends, (school)camps, study groups, etc. The park is located in the Walloon forests near the village of Limauges, a half hour away from the vibrant city of Brussels.

The accommodation is a large complex with various halls and dormitories and a large outdoor terrain with playground and forest. There are 150 beds. All details can be found under the header Accommodation. Camps de Limauges can be rented based on self-service and catering can be arranged for an additional fee. There are large rooms with bunkbeds and smaller rooms with standard beds. De Betteld took over the management of the BEZ on January 1st, 2020 and will continue to add improvements to accommodate various groups and uses.

Something for everyone

With four locations in the Netherlands and one in Belgium, de Betteld Group offers something for everyone. Our four Dutch locations are spread throughout the provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Zeeland. Whether you’re interested in a family vacation, or organizing a conference or weeklong school camp, you can count on us.

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